Thursday, November 24, 2016

With your hand in mine.....

In the hustle of the market and the crowds

A moment of forever with your hand in mine

The mass of humanity with its virtues and vices

The  glory and disgrace of the past

The  joyous prospect of an enticing future

The pulse of life - throbbing again

The letting go of everything and the letting in of everything

With fear, shame, anger, excitement and bliss

Giving in to love, Giving in to you

I cried......

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Building bridges to spring....

Carrying their twigs, the sparrows sing

Building bridges, to the lovely spring

Winter’s woes have passed

Balmy days are here, at last

Soft meadows and a sky so fair

That feeling called love… in the air

Two days short or four weeks long

Who can say as you while along

February….sweet and small

It’s the greatest month of all…. :)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

And the poet died....

The glowing moonlight

Had barely kissed the high tide

When he took his last breath

And the poet died

A poem left incomplete

A pen, with the ink dried

It was only expected

The poet would have died

They all came there

From far and wide

To grieve over their friend

The poet who had died

Aggrieved and amused

They sat beside

They knew they were the reason

That the poet had died

The winds still blew

And the bells chimed

The poem was alive

But the poet had died

And as the glowing moonlight

Bent again to kiss the rising tide

They looked up and wondered

Had the poet died?

Monday, August 12, 2013

where you belonged....

I didn't let you down
I didnt lead you on
I didnt hold you back
from where you finally belonged....

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

छिपा सा था ......

छिपा सा था

तहखाने का वो दरवाज़ा

कराह के खोला था जब उसे

एक सुरंग बुला रही थी बेवजह

इतनी रौशनी थी अन्दर

आँखें चुंधिया सी गयी थी

अँधेरा घना होगा यह सुना था

लेकिन यह सुरंग कुछ नयी थी

मैं अन्दर रेंगता सा गया

अंधेरो को ढूँढने की खलबली सी थी

जाना पहचाना सा, अपना सा

वो मक़ाम जिसकी आदत बन चली थी

दूर कही छिपा सा था

एक स्याह अँधेरा दिखा तो था

तहखाने से निकली सुरंग का लेकिन

अब दरवाज़ा बंद हो चला था

Saturday, September 08, 2012

just a cloud

it was just a cloud
which has now faded
shallow and proud
love that must now be hated....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

मामूली सा झोंका

जलाया तो खुद अपने हाथों से था

नदिया में लेकिन बहा ना सका

राख ठंडी हो यही इंतज़ार रहा

अंगारों को लेकिन बुझा ना सका...

लड़ता मौत से तो शायद जी भी जाता

किस्मत को अपनी आज़मा ना सका

ले उड़ा राख भी एक मामूली सा झोंका

तेज़ हवाओं को अपनी कहानी...बता ना सका.....